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Article ID: Q100001

The information in this article applies to:

  • Direct I/O, version 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4


There are some settings that can be preconfigured to aid users in installing Direct I/O or to automate the installation process.


The file setup.ini contains a number of sections for customization of the installation process. This file is available only in the non-selfextracting distribution of Direct I/O. How to convert the distributed executable to the original distribution is explained in greater detail in the article Q100002.
For more ways to configure the installation process see the article Q100006.

Section Keyname      Description
License User User Name used when licensing this copy of Direct I/O
Company Company Name used when licensing this copy of Direct I/O
Key License Key for this copy of Direct I/O
Resources      Port List of I/O Ports to use
IRQ List of IRQs to use
Memory List of Memory regions to use
Process List of Processes allowed to use Direct I/O

The entries in the section Resources must be in the form XXX or XXX-XXX where X is a hexadecimal digit.
Multiple entries are separated with blank, tab, semicolon or comma.
Long path names containing spaces in the Process entry must be enclosed in double quotation marks.
No space is allowed before or after the equal sign.

Sample Code

User=Development			<-- preset User Name
Company=Ingenieurbuero Paule		<-- preset Company Name
Key=964384CA82D5156FAD06B693561E4...	<-- preset License Key

Port=280-29F, 2C0			<-- use I/O Ports 280-29Fh and 2C0h
IRQ=11					<-- use IRQ 11
Memory=DC000-DFFFF			<-- use Memory region DC000-DFFFFh
Process=%MY_PATH%\MYAPP.EXE		<-- allow %MY_PATH%\MYAPP.EXE    

From your installation script set the system environment variable MY_PATH to the path where your application resides. This way you could make the setup.ini file independent from path changes. Of course the environment variable can be any name.
Please do refrain from using user environment variables. Although it may work in most cases there are times when no user is logged on and therefore no user environment is loaded. In this case Direct I/O cannot resolve the paths and will not grant access rights to the application. This is a common cause of sporadic errors.

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