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Many of the most common questions and problems are answered at the Frequently Asked Questions or the Direct I/O Help file. (The "How Do I" and "Frequenly Asked Questions" topic at the help file contains many questions and problems.)

Finding answers in any of those places is much faster for you than waiting for an email response! Please check these before sending mail -- most of the common questions are already answered!

via Email:

  1. Problems installing, setting up, or using Direct I/O
  2. Bugs, Comments, or Suggestions 
  3. Lost Registration Codes. (Please use subject "Lost Code" and include the email address or name used to register.)
  4. Order Questions, Advertising, Business, Distribution, Press questions, Praise, and anything else :-)

While we try to answer all emails (especially for anyone having problems), due to the large number of messages, not everyone may get a personal response. And it can take a day or two to get any response -- especially for email sent over the weekend.

via Phone:

We are unable to offer phone support for Direct I/O. Sorry, no exceptions!
While we are doing our best to help anyone having problems using Direct I/O we need:
a) the data collected by the Direct I/O Problem Reporter tool
b) some time to analyze the data.
Therefore it is useless to try to get us on the phone because it hinders us to help you efficiently.

via Fax:


via postal mail:

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