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This is the current released version of Direct I/O (V 4.4.274).
It contains a number of bug fixes and other enhancements. If you experienced any of the issues below we encourage you to upgrade to this version.

Fixes Changes
 Close 4.4.274
  • Fixed another crash of Microsoft MMC3 which is caused by a malformed registry entry (Thanks Microsoft for keeping us busy...)
 Close 4.4.273
  • Fixed a crash of Microsoft MMC3 which is caused by a long filename of a Direct I/O module.
  • Fixed an path resolution issue occurring with Microsoft Softgrid Beta.
  • Disallowed installation under Vista because Direct I/O is not compatible anyway.
 Close 4.4.271
  • Fixed driver start behavior when running on machines with PAE extensions enabled.
  • Changed display of network path loggings in the event log from error to warning (which are not stored at all under default settings).
 Close 4.4.270
  • Fixed IRQ event security problems when running under a non-privileged account.
  • Improved parallel port IRQ handling on ACPI systems.
  • Fixed system lockups caused by entering a process path pointing to an absent removable storage device.
 Close 4.4.265
  • Enhanced Forced Uninstallation Mode to handle damaged installations caused by user intervention (deleting files or editing registry).
 Close 4.4.262
  • Fixed uninstallation errors where locked files prevented successful re-installation.
  • Fixed BSOD occurring under very rare cases at end of installation.

Note: Builds 260 and 261 have been replaced without further notice because of heavy file compression errors in the installation package.

  • Created custom install option to allow customized installs.
 Close 4.3.255
  • Fixed ACPI problem (see Q700005).
  • Enhanced error reporting using Event Log.
  • Improved detection of terminated 16 bit processes.
  • Fixed handling of local prefix for application paths.
  • Fixed a bogus subsystem assumption in VDD.
  • 'True Serial Port Sharing' under Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
  • Allowed double quoted paths in SETUP.INI file.
 Close 4.2.242
  • Enhanced 'True Parallel Port Sharing' for ECP Printer Ports.
 Close 4.2.241
  • Fixed Kernel Write Protection Bugcheck (STOP: 0x000000BE) on systems with 128 MB memory or less (see Q100005).
 Close 4.2.240
  • Memory resources handled correctly in 16 bit processes.
 Close 4.2.239
  • LPT IRQ's work for ACPI systems too.
  • Path parsing problem of allowed processes fixed.
  • No event log errors for invalid paths.
  • Driver startup mode "System" functional.
 Close 4.2.236
  • Switching from fullscreen to windowed mode does not remove I/O permissions anymore (see Q700001).
  • Shareware reminder dialog only displayed for allowed processes.
  • Long pathnames allowed for process names (see Q400002).
  • Legacy I/O support for 32 bit applications.
  • Allowed process distinguishes between 16 bit applications too.
  • Introduced event logging for easier support.
  • True parallel port sharing (see Q500003).
  • 32 bit Installer/Deinstaller with Industry Standard installation package.
  • Forced uninstall option in Installer.
  • Event log support with selectable error logging level.
 Close 4.1.215
  • Special characters allowed in process names.
  • Process names limited to 15 characters (see Q400002).
  • VDD issues more detailed error messages.
  • Updated online help documentation (see Q400001).
 Close 4.1.214
  • Port access problem after opening the driver has been fixed. No delay needed anymore.
  • Uninstall problems fixed.
  • Licensing problems due to old system DLLs fixed.
  • Driver early startup problem removed.
  • Adapted to Windows 2000. See README.TXT when installing.
  • Revised online help file.
  • Made license values editable from within Control Panel.

4.4.274 (1684 k)
Mar 22, 2009

4.4.274 (88 k)
Mar 22, 2009
4.4.274 (27 k)
Mar 22, 2009
These files already are included in the installation package. Usually you do not need to download them separately.

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