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This page displays an up-to-date listing of changes to our customer support web. We'll also place notices here regarding product updates, scheduled releases, or problems and workarounds that may affect all customers. If bugs reported by our customers get fixed, we'll place a notice here, along with an estimate of when the fix will be shipped.

Friday, 12 April 2013

  • Added FAQ topic about Direct I/O usage in newer operating system like Window 7 or Windows 8.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

  • Direct I/O 4.4.274 released.
    This minor update fixes another crash of MMC3 which is included in XPSP3.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

  • Direct I/O 4.4.273 released.
    This minor update fixes a crash of MMC3 which is included in XPSP3.

Wednesday, 25 January 2007

Saturday, 09 April 2005

  • Direct I/O 4.4.271 released.
    This minor update fixes the PAE bug detected only a few days before (see below).
    Unless you are affected by this problem there is no need to update.

Tuesday, 05 April 2005

  • Found a problem with PAE extensions which will be fixed within the next days.

Saturday, 12 June 2004

  • Direct I/O 4.4.270 released.
    This minor update fixes a bug which prevented IRQ notification when logged in as a normal user.
    Occasional parallel port interrupt problems on ACPI systems have been fixed too.

Wednesday, 02 June 2004

  • Found a glitch which prevents IRQ notification when logged in as a normal user.
    Microsoft changed the default security settings of an API function in Windows XP.
    This problem will be solved with the next version of Direct I/O available within the next days.

Monday, 08 March 2004

  • Direct I/O 4.4.265 released.
    This minor update provides an enhanced cleanup of damaged installations caused by user's actions.
  • Published some statistical data in Comments section.

Friday, 30 January 2004

  • Direct I/O 4.4.262 released.
    This minor update includes a few bug fixes regarding installation and un-installation problems as well as a revised installation procedure which allows easier customization and integration into other installations.
  • Added several new Knowledge Base articles.

Friday, 14 November 2003

  • Added print option to all pages of this web. Look at the printer icon at the lower right edge.
  • Added visual clue to all outdated Knowledge Base articles. The articles themselves remain in the Knowledge Base for documentational purposes.

Tuesday, 21 October 2003

  • Updated Order process info to catch up on some changes introduced by our ecommerce partners.

Sunday, 20 October 2002

  • Direct I/O 4.3.255 released.
    This major update includes the long-awaited 'True Serial Port Sharing' feature (see Q500004) and finally solves  Q700005.

Monday, 9 September 2002

  • Direct I/O 4.3.254 Beta available for download.
    This time limited version will expire on 10/31/02.

Saturday, 24 April 2002

  • Direct I/O 4.2.242 released.
    This minor update enhances the 'True Parallel Port Sharing' feature for ECP printer ports.

Saturday, 8 December 2001

  • Direct I/O 4.2.241 released.
    This service release corrects a problem which causes some machines to crash during installation.
    Please consult Q100005 for more information. If you are successfully running an earlier release like build 239 or 240 there is no need to upgrade.

Wednesday, 28 November 2001

  • Direct I/O 4.2.240 released.
    This service release corrects a problem with the handling of Memory Resources for 16 bit processes.
    You should upgrade if you have to access Memory Resources through a 16 bit DOS or Windows application.

Thursday, 15 November 2001

  • Direct I/O 4.2.239 released.
    This minor update nevertheless is worth a second look:
    • Windows XP tested
    • Samples added
    • LPT IRQ's work for ACPI systems too (see note from 03 September 2001 below)
    • Path parsing problem fixed

Tuesday, 30 October 2001

  • Problem Report Tool released.
    We decided to support you in the process of writing a proper problem report by creating the Direct I/O Problem Reporter.
    This easy-to-use tool gathers all relevant data from your system and generates an email or text file which is ready to be sent to our support team for further analysis.
    Please do use this tool for all inquiries ;-)

Monday, 03 September 2001

  • ACPI again :-(
    There are some ACPI enabled Windows 2000 systems which switch off the LPT interrupt when not in use.
    If you are using Direct I/O to control the parallel port and need to have interrupt support you might be affected.
    We already have a fix for this problem which of course needs to be tested. If you are interested in this fix please email our support.
    This fix will be included in the next release of Direct I/O (see previous message).

Tuesday, 31 August 2001

  • Windows XP Final is in the shops within the next days...
    And Direct I/O seems to work great with it :-)
    Sure, we had to make a few modifications, but if XP Final isn't different from RC2 we expect no problems.
    To be notified when we publish the next release please subscribe our newsletter.

Tuesday, 31 July 2001

  • We are proud to announce the long awaited release of Direct I/O V4.2.
    This major release contains many significant improvements:
    • True Parallel Port sharing (Q500003)
    • 32bit legacy I/O support
    • Long pathnames supported (Q400002)
    • Real 32bit installer/uninstaller
    • Enhanced uninstaller: Removes even damaged installations
    • Industry standard installation package (Q100002)
    • Suppressible shareware reminder dialog
    • Bugfixes for Q700001

Tuesday, 19 December 2000

  • ACPI problem in Windows 2000 detected. Please read Knowledge Base article Q700005.

Monday, 13 November 2000

Saturday, 21 October 2000

  • Direct I/O V4.2 soon to be released.
    This major release contains significant improvements:
    • True Parallel Port sharing
    • Real 32bit installer/uninstaller
    • Enhanced uninstaller: Removes even damaged installations
    • Suppressible shareware reminder dialog

Saturday, 20 May 2000

  • Direct I/O V4.1 (Build 215) made available for download

Wednesday, 05 April 2000

Thursday, 23 December 1999

  • Direct I/O V4.1 (Build 214) made available for download
    It contains a fix for a bug which prevents Direct I/O from starting when configured in startup mode "System".

Thursday, 18 November 1999

  • Direct I/O V4.1 (Build 213) made available for download
  • Introduction of Direct I/O Knowledge Base
  • Improved navigation of this site

Saturday, 04 September 1999

  • Changed ordering information.

Saturday, 24 July 1999

  • Completed new design of this site.
  • Added Comments section.

Wednesday, 12 May 1999

  • Port access problem detected:
    Your self written code might be affected by this issue.
    If the time between the driver open call and the first port access is too short the port access has not been granted yet and a privileged access violation will result.
    We are researching this issue and will provide an update ASAP.
    In the meantime you can try this workaround:
    Put a delay e.g. Sleep(10) between the driver open call and the first port access.

Friday, 30 April 1999

Sunday, 25 April 1999

  • Direct I/O V4.0 (Build 135) made available for download

Thursday, 12 March 1999

  • Major update of the FAQ section

Sunday, 28 February 1999

  • Direct I/O V4.0 (Build 130) made available for download

Friday, 26 February 1999

Thursday, 25 February 1999

Wednesday, 10 January 1999

Sunday, 06 December 1998

Thursday, 26 November 1998

  • Direct I/O V4.0 made available for download
  • Added some FAQ's
  • Added Order and Contact pages

Tuesday, 03 November 1998

  • Added a demo key to register your copy of Direct I/O
  • Added some FAQ's

Saturday, 03 October 1998

  • Direct I/O V4.0 Beta made available for download

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